Thursday, January 24, 2008

The first fight....

I was expecting it sometime in elementary school, maybe from a boy....but in daycare with my 18 month old daughter? They called around 3 on Tuesday to let us know that Anna had been in an "altercation" with another child at school. Apparently this other unnamed child wanted a toy that Anna had in her hand. Anna refused to turn loose of it and this unnamed child "scratched her on her face." They said she was fine, that they were just calling us because it broke the skin a little and they are required to let us know when that happens. We talked about it after we heard and chalked it up to a little minor scratch...daycare wounds that every child will more than likely deal with in time. Well, Stephen picked her up from daycare that day and before they walked in the door, Stephen prefaced their entrance with, " Are you ready, mommy?"

I was SHOCKED to see the "scratch" may child got. She looked like she had been in a bar brawl. The pictures below show the horror. All drama aside...I am fine with it....I still believe that it is a daycare wound that some children will more than likely deal with in time when they come into contact with the wolverine child. MAN...the damage this kid did with fingernails is NUTS! For real though...all funniness aside, Anna is fine, she just looks pitiful. I am fine, I laughed more than anything else after I saw her just because of the shock of this kid and his powerful nails. The pictures really don't do it justice and I am sure that there are parents out there that have some that could top this...and if you do...please let me know. I would love to hear about it.
Until then........

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jerry had the right idea....

For those of you Seinfeld lovers out there....8 years is a good run for not throwing up. Since my pregnancy with Anna, I had to put all bets aside. BUT, before I was pregnant, I had gone about 2 years without throwing up. Not that anyone enjoys this activity, but I ABHOR it. So when the daycare my blessed child attends, told me that there was a stomach virus going around, I was afraid, VERY afraid. But, the week went on, and we seemed to dodge a bullet. I was thrilled.

Then it hit, 5 am Saturday morning, Anna woke up dry heaving. This went on until 8 am...SO MUCH FUN! Poor baby, she just wanted me to hold her while she slept, but that would include me holding her when she threw up ( and yes, dry heaving includes bile ). My apologies for those of you out there with weak stomachs. But the funny thing is, as gross as it is describing it now, at that moment you don't think about that, you just do it. It's your baby, and all you want to do is make it better for her, so you take care of her and get grossed out later.

Not to go on and on with the details, she got sick later that afternoon and I got the real deal. NOT FUN. OH...and can I mention that Stephen was at work during this...aren't I lucky??

Sunday was a day of promise. On the BRAT diet ( Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast) with help from gatorade, we had no instances of throwing up occur.

That is, until I started feeling icky that evening. YEP....I got the beloved stomach virus.
My friend Kristy had a blog post not too long ago about being sick. Granted, she had pink eye ( which is different from this but on its own, not a very attractive illness) however, she had a pic with her blog post and she was gorgeous! I looked like grizzly adams with a hangover. MAN, it was bad. Anyway, after a day of missed work, things are looking up. At this juncture Stephen has managed to escape this terrible virus and hopefully things will be well for a LONG season here in the Summers' household. We have had our share of illness lately and I have had my fill.

We will post some pics when things are a little more organized and attractive. : )

Hope you all have a blessed week!

Friday, January 11, 2008

18 months....

She will be 18 months in two days. It is CRAZY to me that a year and half ago she came into our lives. It seems like yesterday. I wanted to post this little video so you all could see what a big girl she is. I seriously cannot believe that she is this big. She was an infant 5 minutes ago. She can eat with a fork, drink from a little cup, she calls us by name and uses like 20 different words. Before too long she will be in a big girl bed. Hold on to each day my friends with new babies, because while you are wishing they could talk to you and could sit up and engage with others...they grow up. You turn around and they are no longer babies. I marvel at how quickly they mature and how fast time flies. God gives us the day and it is gone before you know it. I am so happy at the place we are in and the places we will be going and I fall deeper in love with her day by day. I know Stephen and I's life will never be the same and are better off because the Lord has blessed us with her. I never knew but am SO happy I know now what a true blessing it is to be a mother.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I know it is a lot of pictures...but how can I choose just a few when she is THAT CUTE!??!

I still am minus some funny/sick/agitated pics from Christmas in Victoria, but I will give you what I have. Some show the attitude we were getting from our little diva and some just show pitiful she really felt.
Also are some pics from this past weekend when we all got together for Christmas with my parents in Corpus. A big thanks to Aunt Holly for taking SO many CUTE pictures of Anna.
Why do I have these things on my feet?

This was what we got when it came time for pictures.....

Christmas in Corpus feeling better (but you can't tell)
She is giving Stephen the stink eye...he's the one behind the camera.

This past cold. Can't you just hear her - look out I come!

Anna in her Christmas dress. She was too sick in Victoria to even ATTEMPT pantyhose.
Look at her little shoes! : D

She kicked off her shoes and got comfortable.

Stephen's mom got a Nikon D40 for Christmas and she came to visit a few days. Here are a few pics with her new camera and Anna on her new Radio Flyer bike has four wheels so it isn't a tricycle either. It's some new hybrid.

My Niece, Kaylee. ( Stephen's brother Kenneth's daughter)

I am not sure if she wants to be holding that leaf.

Happy girl!