Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One for the record books...

So Anna has started asking a lot more questions as she has gotten older and has a little more comprehension about things. A popular one lately has been where we work.  She knows that I work at the school where all the busses are  (the district bus barn is RIGHT next to where I park) and that daddy cooks for people.  So a couple of days ago, she asked where we work.  So I told her that I work at the high school and daddy works at the country club.  She repeated it and we went on our merry way.  Today, Stephen told me that she asked again this morning where he worked. He told her at the country club, and she repeated it and he dropped her off at school.  When he picked her up from school this afternoon,  her teacher told him that she proudly exclaimed that her daddy worked at the honky club.  He about died laughing and I about fell out when Stephen told me.  Her teacher got a big kick out of it as well...I am pretty sure that it was the talk of the day school today.   
This went in line with the new movie she got from T-ma ( my mom) Sleeping Beauty, other wise known as Sleeping Booty.  Yes, my daughter calls the movie Sleeping Booty.  It is all pretty hysterical.  I just think that these are the small things that make it SUCH a fun journey.  Hope you have a great rest of the week!  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wow, time can get the best of you....

So I know it has been a bazillion years since I last posted. Stephen LOVES when I exaggerate, so I feel the need to do it incessantly. : ) Things have been good. Stephen is months away from Graduating from Culinary school and we are very happy here in Rockport for the time being. Stephen will more than likely stay with the Country Club here in town working towards building up a resume and learning as much about the biz as he can. I could not love working at RFHS more and really love my kids and the direction our program is headed in. Things are lookin up. : )
I have had a really busy few months with getting started back up with school and then trying to host a regional art competition at our school this last weekend. I was SO proud when out of 300 entries, we had only 25 participate and 17 students advanced to area and 4 students
advanced to state out of an overall total 36 advancing. We were very happy and it sold the competition to our kids, which is what we were all about and why I fought to host it. It is ALL about buy in, and they bought it, hook line and sinker. So I know next year will be a much more successful event.
Anna is doing great and growing up super fast. She hit the 2 and half mark just after the
beginning of January and is fully potty trained and using the most impressive vocabulary. Everyone who meets her complements her on how well she can express herself with
words. : )
She loves to listen to Daddy play the guitar and asks him to get it out regularly so for Christmas this year, we decided to get her one of her own. Instead of the cheap little guitars, we went with a ukulele. She loves it and here is the picture to prove it. She loves to sing, and likes to listen to George Strait in the car with Daddy. Her favorite song is Troubadour....she knows all the words. Like I said, she is good with words.
Enjoy the other pics below, we went and visited the Big Tree a few months ago and here are some pics to show what Anna did while we were there....run, and run, and run some more. : ) Also is a picture of her and Jack Grantham who we went and saw today. She talks about Baby Jack quite often, she likes him very much. Have a great week and now that things have slowed down a bit I will try to be better about posting. Also, enjoy the video of Stephen and Anna singing....she cracks us up.