Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Little Artist

Anna has been drawing a lot lately and today was the first time she actually set out to make something recognizable and succeeded, well kind of.  This is how it went.
Anna - "Mommy, I gonna draw a cat."
Me - "Sounds like a good plan squirt."
Anna - " See Mommy, see my cat."
Me - " Uh huh, ( glancing out the corner of my eye as I put up the dishes ) Oh! Wow! Anna, you did a really good job!" 
I then proceeded to grab my camera phone because the camera was in the car and I didn't want her to erase it.  See picture below, I was pretty impressed with my 2 year, almost 3 year old.  

OK, so the cat looks a little possessed, but it still kind of looks like a cat.  She got the almond shaped eyes and the nose and whiskers and mouth. It even has four legs and a tail.   I am not sure why the cat has a toupee and appears to be shooting fire out of its mouth, but whatever.  

Then we went outside and she proceeded to tell me she was going to draw a sun with her chalk.  OK people, I know that a sun is not that hard of a thing to draw, but after the cat incident I was interested to see how it turned out.  You can see the results and judge for yourself, but beware of making harsh comments because I think she is genius.  That is her sun on the right under her leg, not that large blue thing.  
And I will give you one more story for humor sake and also just to write it down which so many people have told me I have to do once they have heard it.  The other day I was cooking Dinner and I had Anna up on the counter because she likes to watch while we cook.  This is how the conversation went.
Anna - "Mommy, gimme hugs."
Me - ( hugging her REAL big and making the grunting big hug sound)
Anna - ( pulls away with a confused look on her face ) "Mommy? You poopin your pants?"

I started laughing so hard I almost wet myself instead of what she was accusing me of.  I hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Graduation Day +

Stephen completed his finals this week and on Friday graduated from Del Mar College with an Associate of Applied Science Culinary Arts Degree. Before that, he completed his yearly competition called "Salon" in which students compete in their advanced classes for medals. Stephen competed last year and although he didn't medal, he did get TV coverage. This year, his advanced class was advanced pastry and he had to make a cake. His instructor seems to things that Stephen needs to get his Pastry Chef degree because he did so well. His celebration cake for a little girl's birthday won a Silver Medal. He was excited and we were very proud. See pictures below. This year there was no tv news crew, so unfortunately he wasn't on the news but he was happy with the silver medal nonetheless.

Graduation was great. Stephen made us all proud by receiving his degree Magna Cum Laude. Here are some pics from graduation at the American Bank Center in Corpus. As far as the future, we plan on staying Rockport for at least another year, and Stephen is going to stay at the Country Club to get another year's experience under his belt. The degree is great and his knowledge he gained while in school will benifit him greatly, but experience is what will really get him ahead in this business. After next year, we will see where things are going. If Stephen has moved up at the Club, we may stick around for a while. I really love my job here and he is happy at the club. So, I guess we will see how the Lord decides to move. : )

Holly took a lot of pictures before and after the ceremony, so see her blog for extra pics of the weekend. We had a great time at Stephen's parents' house on Saturday with family celebrating Stephen's accomplishments. I thought I would add a few extra pics from the last few weeks. Our computer is 7 years old and getting a little hard to work with. Thats right people, Macs are that awesome! 7 years with one update. AWESOME...anyway, we are about to buy a new one, but it has been hard to post with old Bessy so my posts have been on vaca. Enjoy a few pics from the last month or so....

Easter pics from Granny and Grandpa's. Karen giving Anna a hug and Anna and Kaylee getting ready for easter egg hunting in 60 degree weather. Fun times in Texas!

Anna's end of year program was Coyboy themed and they had to wear ten gallon hats when they entered the auditorium. She loves her school and loves her J-pa pictured as well.

Then,last weekend, Kaylee came over for the day and we built a fort. Anna and Kaylee had fun playing and Anna showed her distain for my desire to take her picture.

Have a great week!