Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break = Family Travels

For the past few years around spring break time we have gone up to my grannies house and spent some time with her.  Anna loves to see her and spend time with her and I always seem to get great video moments and pictures.  This year was no exception.  The picture is us eating at The Jalepeno Tree in Marshall with my mom, Great Grannie, Anna, me and my Great Aunt Winnie.  We had a great time.  

After we left Great Grannies house, we drove to Waco to hang out with Parker for one night.  They were very excited to see each other and spent the evening and morning playing hard, which is why all picture taken they are in their pajamas.  : )  The video was taken late that night before bed and they were both delirious.  It was funny to watch, enjoy.  

Stephen drove up with Kaylee on Sunday night and then Monday morning Karen drove and they all came over to pick Anna and I up at Jered and Holly's house.  Anna was very excited to see Kaylee.  We got to Killeen and went straight to Karen's friend Tommy's clinic to give Kaylee and Stephen an eye exam.  Anna wanted to try as well and did NOT care for it at all.  We had dinner and went home to plan our next day.

How pitiful is she?!

The first morning there we woke up and decided we would try to do something fun.  Karen had purchased St. Patrick's day shirts for the girls and they looked very cute.  We chose putt putt and had a great time.  Anna would hit the ball once, then pick it up and run and drop it in the hole.  We then headed in to play on the games and win some tickets for prizes.  After all that morning fun we went and ate lunch at a local diner.  It was wonderful food and the girls enjoyed theirs as well.  We then went home for a nap and were heading to the lake that afternoon. 

We got up from nap and went straight for the lake.  We arrived at the state park and learned that the beach front was closed at that time, and were really bummed because the girls really wanted to play in the sand.  So we entered the park anyway and drove around looking for a sudo-beach which the woman at the counter said we might could find.  And we did.  It was a little rough around the edges, but the sand was good and the weather was very nice and the girls had a great time.  The water front was pretty nasty, so we stayed away from that, but over all it was worth the look.  We used our beach toys and made a sand castle and then the girls trampled it.   I love the pics I got of the girls there and then in the car on the way home when Anna was tired and Kaylee was being a super champ of a cousin and entertaining her.  

bo derek?

We then got up the next morning and headed to Austin to go to the Children's museum and eat at this fabulous Italian food restaurant Karen kept telling us about.  The minute we walked up to Mandola's Italian Market, I remembered where I had heard it before.  I went inside looking for Keith Nelson ( Holly's brother) recalling his face from Jered and Holly's wedding 6 years ago.  I glanced around and didn't see him and decided to go wash my hands before lunch.  On my way back from the bathroom I saw him serving a group of people and went up and introduced myself, because as I said, it had been 6 years.  He was SO gracious and payed for our entire meal and seems to be doing very well for himself.  He was running the show and doing a very good job.  I know Holly is very proud of all his accomplishments.  It was a fabulous meal, Karen was right about that!  Because he was working I didn't get a very good pic of Keith, but that is him looking to the right and talking with someone in the kitchen.  And below are pics of us enjoying our meal.  Karen's good friend Holly ( another Holly) came to eat on her lunch break.  We had a great time and were very happy with our trip to Killeen.  After lunch we were so tired and realized how late it would be by the time we left the museum and decided to let that wait for another day in the future.  We headed home and had a great nights sleep.   

Have a great week and I will be posting soon with easter bunny pics!