Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a few pics of late....

Here are a few pics of the fam from the past few months. It is getting pretty hectic with Anna taking dance two days a week and Stephen working most nights. Leigh is getting so big and continues to amaze us with her laid back and happy personality. Hope all is well with you and yours. Getting close to Christmas....things seem to be moving faster and faster....

Anna with her Great Granny, coloring.
Entertaining Leigh

Anna in her dance uniform at a local festival performing with another little girl. They were the only two out of 10 to show up that day. :)

Stephen and Leigh at our church fall festival.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer time is here again...

So I guess I will start to blog again. HA. Things have been a little busy for me this past year. Besides being pregnant, school got really busy with competitions and new responsibilities. We have now added an AP course to our department, which I will begin teaching next year. This year we did a pilot program and had two girls take the AP exam and I am anxiously awaiting their scores. I started this year as the new regional director for our ( UIL type ) competition, which went really well. With all the large schools in our region participating, we had close to 500 students enter and the event had little to no hiccups. We had 6 students advance to state and 3 received superior ratings at the State competition in April. Needless to say, I love my job and am so proud of my students and all they have accomplished this year. By the time May rolled around I finally got to focus on my pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of Leigh Elizabeth Summers. The labor was hard, seeing as how I didn't get an epidural until WAY late in the laboring process, but Leigh made it here in one piece with all ten fingers and toes. She has been an awesome baby and has done fairly well adjusting. Anna is SO proud to be a big sister. She loves helping and has done really well with the transition our little family has gone through having a new baby.
We decided to keep Anna in school during June so that I could adjust and get Leigh's sleeping schedule under control before we were all home all day. That has been such a blessing. I get to spend all my time with Leigh during the day. The days that Stephen is off, we get to just lavish ourselves with her and man has that been nice. When Anna was an infant, I was always looking for the next milestone and with Miss Leigh, I am taking it all in each day. I really want to enjoy her while I can, because man life is getting fast. It seems the more things you add to your plate,the faster it all flies by. Here are some pictures of our newest arrival and a few from the things we have already been doing this summer. Hope all is well with those who check on this blog periodically. I should be updating more often now that I have more time with the summer. Until then...
Leigh Elizabeth Summers: 8 lbs 9 oz 19 inches long, born on May 20, 2010

Daddy with Leigh

Big Sister with a fussy Leigh

Leigh in her pretty dress that her T-Ma bought her.

I don't think she was too into my photoshoot...

Sisters in sunglasses...

Anna at the shrimporee on a bungee thingy....

Leigh's first bath...chewing on her hand.

Anna at a friends birthday swim party.

Anna and her cousin Kaylee reading...

Daddy and Leigh

Big sister holding Leigh for the first time. Look at those shoulders, we are taking this serious!
I will post more pictures as the summer unfolds! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

This past weekend Anna and I went to stay with my dad to hang out for Easter. Mom went up to Waco to see Jered and his family and Dad had some commitments in Corpus, so we went to see him and celebrate Easter. We had a blast. Dad had arranged for a family friend to loan us a child's saddle and she got to ride Gabby all by herself. She looked SO big on that horse. It was ridiculous.
We spent a lot of time together, made some pretty eggs with a stamp kit that she got from T-Maw and J-Paw and played with J-Paw outside with some parachute men that was also in her gift basket. On Sunday, we woke up and checked out what Anna got from the Easter Bunny in her basket. Then she went out to hunt for her eggs. She had so much fun being the center of attention.
Other things we did that weekend included a trip to Texas State Aquarium, which Anna LOVED...even though I don't have great pics to show it off!! We also had a fun afternoon with Daddy when we got home playing frisbee in the park. Anna has got some serious game.

Playing Frisbee with her Daddy. He loves disc golf and has all the drivers and putters, which is why there are like 10 different frisbees.
Stephen showing her how it is done. Anna giving it a try.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I am trying to get geared up to posting again since this baby will be here with in the next 6 weeks. :)