Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Blog, Obviously Interrupted.

It is time consuming to have a blog.  Facebook takes five minutes tops and it seems you have to actually put thought into a blog.  So maybe it is not about time, but about effort.  
Anyway, things have been truckin along in the Summers' household.  We moved into our new place about a month ago...I will have some pics soon.  We really love the live oak trees in Rockport and have a huge one smack dab in front of our house, which has everyone calling this the "tree house"...not to mention it is elevated.  

 School is in full swing and I am SO excited.  I absolutely LOVE what I do and seem to fall more in love with it each year.  I am thinking lately it has been because of the awesome support I get from the administration at my school but also from the district.  They are not afraid to say that the arts are important and that they are proud of us when we perform well.  That really does make a HUGE difference.  We got the art club together the other day to do a community face painting gig at a local apartment complex.   One of my students wanted to paint some flowers on my face to practice before painting on the door of the theatre department at I let her.  See the results.  It was a fun day.  
Stephen is still at the Club here in town and loves it.  Anna has started school and just moved up into a new class, she is such a smart girl and we are super proud of her.  She came into the living room the other night and showed me a triangle that she had "cut out especially for me".  The sincerity in her voice seriously made me choke up a little.  She acted like she was giving me an organ.  I was a sweet moment.  

This weekend we went to the park and Stephen took Anna over to the Baseball field to show her the bases and told her about how the game is played.  She was walking to each of the bases and then Stephen started talking about how you run home and jump hard on the base, so she gave it a go, and it was so funny...see the pics below. : )  
Then we walked down to the wildlife nature trail and pond and fed the turtles ice. : )  We had a great are the pics of our beautiful nature trail/pond.  It is so nice.  It is short and sweet, but it is all I got right now!! Have a great week!


Andy Barlow said...

Baseball is God's game, so encourage her in this!

And yes, blogs take work and lots of it.

The Johnstons said...

Such precious pictures of Anna playing baseball and running the bases! And FYI, Jered loves the face painting picture of you! ;)